Basic Course Info Form


And welcome to the Basic Course Information Form. This form should be used by Stitchery employees to submit basic information on upcoming courses.  

Instructor Name *
Instructor Name
A brief description of the course. Don't worry about making it sound great; just list the facts. Highlight anything special about the course - e.g. special techniques covered, etc. If it is a course that we run regularly, or has a similar description to one we've done before, then just reference that course here.
Please select a type from the drop-down menu.
How long is the course?
Date Commencing
Date Commencing
What is the first date of this course? (note American date style).
How many places are available for booking?
Class Start Time
Class Start Time
What time does class start?
Class End Time
Class End Time
What time does class end?
What is the cost of the course/workshop?
Does the course price include or exclude anything? Please be specific about what is included and excluded rather than just listing the items.
If you don't know yet, just leave this blank.
What techniques or topics will you cover in this course? If you don't know this yet, just say "refer to Instructor Form"
What will they make? Is there any particular sewing pattern they will uses? If so, please give a link
e.g. Beginner, Beyond Beginner, Intermediate
If this is a new course, or a variation, what are the key selling points?
Do you need to know anything from the students when they sign up? e.g. Which pattern they want to make, or what their basic measurements are? These questions will be asked during the Eventbrite sign up process.