Be Yourself

Making your own clothes is about learning to be yourself: choosing your own fabric; fitting to your own unique body; expressing your own unique style. It's about breaking from the herd and a reliance on hi-street clothing that is often low quality and generic.

Our mission at The Stitchery is to equip you with all the skills and resources you need to make well fitting, personalised garments. One of the primary ways we do this is through private one-to-one or small group tuition.

"Private tuition at The Stitchery was not only extremely helpful and informative but also hugely enjoyable. Care is taken in ensuring the best learning experience is delivered, all specifically tailored to your ability and skill levels."

Conor Jackson, Private Student


Learning Outcomes

Private tuition is tailor made to your specific needs. Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced sewer, we will collaborate with you to construct a curriculum around your personal goals.


Technique Proficiency

All the skills and techniques you will need for making clothes. Everything from threading a sewing machine to complex garment construction. 

Get Good Fit

Our bodies are all wonderfully unique in their shape and size. Learn helpful processes and techniques for creating clothes that fit you really well. 


Make Accessories

We understand that not everyone wants to make clothing, which is why we also offer general sewing tuition and the opportunity to make accessories and home decor. 

Use Specialist Machines

For some types of clothing, overlockers and coverlockers are just the ticket. We have both these types of machine available and can guide you through their use.


Cassandra Macindoe

Tutor & Location

The Stitchery is run by Cassandra Macindoe, who has a wealth of experience in sewing and teaching people to sew. She recently completed a Masters of Design in Fashion + Textiles at The Glasgow School of Art with a focus on sustainable design.

Cassandra teaches from her home studio in Charing Cross, Glasgow. Click on the image to the right for more information.