Student Resource Page Information

This form should be used by Stitchery instructors to submit information for the Student Resource page for a new class.  

How long is the course and how is this broken down?
You can copy and paste this from the event page. But please try and think about anything not covered on that.
What will they walk away with at the end of the day? Think in terms of skills learned and physical outcomes.
Do they need to bring fabric? If so (i) what type(s) (ii) how much and (ii) when do they need it (e.g. first class).
What other tools/supplies do they need? Please be specific and give links if necessary. When during the class will they need them - e.g. "second week". If they only need a few items from the basic sewing kit, what are they - e.g. "fabric scissors and thread"
Splendid Stitch *
Are there fabrics available for this course on the Splendid Stitch?
Is there anything else that you think is important information?