Susie Haigh

Susie has been a core member of The Stitchery since 2012 and brings a wealth of experience in sewing and teaching others to sew. 

Her home studio is set in the leafy sandstone cityscape of Woodlands (G4). From here she not only teaches, but works on her own garment creations and her unique Podnip collection of textile products.

Susie works with students of all skill levels from complete beginner to more advanced sewers. As well as teaching general garment construction, Susie's own sewing interests and specialisms include:

  • Sewing with Knits - Creating comfortable everyday clothing with knit fabric, such as jersey.
  • Free Motion Embroidery - Like 'drawing' with your sewing machine. Create unique decorative patterns on fabric that can be used for accessories or simply as a piece of art.
  • Machine Applique - Decorative appliqué of smaller fabric pieces onto a main fabric. Can be used in conjunction with Free Motion Embroidery to make unique designs. 
  • Making Accessories - Such as purses or wallets. Combine with Free Motion & Applique to create your own personalised accessories. Susie is also experienced in using her own screen-printed fabrics to create accessories such as cushion covers and bags.
  • Junior Sewing - Working with juniors by themselves or paired with an adult. Starting with simple sewn items such as bunting, and working towards garments such as PJs and skirts.
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