The Zinnia Skirt Sewalong Part 4

The Zinnia Skirt Sewalong Part 4

Welcome to this fourth part of the Zinnia Sewalong. In this post we are going to start sewing, yay!  Some of the fundamentals we’ll be covering include seam allowances, button plackets (version 1), stitch length and width, pressing a seam, and staystitching. We will also explain how to use fusible interfacing, sew a basic seam, and finally how to do gathering and pleats.

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Sorry for the Delay....

For those of you who are following our Zinnia Sewalong, we just wanted to put out a wee apology for the delay of Part 3. Our household has been struck with illness this past week, but we're feeling better now and typing up the next installment. We hope to have it posted in the next day or two.

Thank you all so much for your patience. This is our first Sewalong, so we're learning a bit about forward planning!